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Safe and non-contact change of filter media or dust collecting bin
Safe-Change Light
Safe and non-contact change of filter media or dust collecting bin by using a change collar with double grooves, but without processing via a changing sack.
Safety filter
Police filter for protection of surrounding respectively down-stream process systems.
Screw filter
Dedusting system with an integrated screw conveyor in the dust discharge area.
Gravity-assisted depositing of particles out of a fluid.
Sedimentation rate
Vertical velocity with which particles depose in a fluid.
Separation of particles from gas flow
Separation efficiency
Separated dust in ration to raw gas dust content
Shaking filter
Filter unit with mechanical cleaning of filter media by shaking.
Silo dedusting filter
cf. vent filter
Silo filter
cf. vent filter
Simple pressure tank
Pressure tank according to EG guideline
Single chamber technology
Separation of a filter plant into gaseously separated filter chambers.
Sinter filter
Filter elements made of sintered plastic granules or metal granules.
Gas tight water discharge
Standardized Measurement for Equipment Particulate Airborne Concentrations
Smoke is an aerosol (or mist) of solid particles and liquid droplets
Smoke filter
cf. welding smoke filter
Snap ring
Fastening of filter media
Solid filter
Filter for separating dusts (Infastaub)
Source extraction
Direct extraction at the dust source.
Component of a filter element
Spare part
Components that need to be replaced because of the process.
Spark trap
Separation of inserted sparks
Spiral tube filter
Tube filter made of spirally welded inherently rigid filter fleece
Spot extraction
Direct filter installtion at the immission source.
Spunbond nonwoven
Spun-bonded fabric
Stand-By filter system
Two identical in construction, switchable filter systems
Standing filter
Filter plant with base construction
Star filter
Star-shaped sewn filter bag
Unchanging location
Absence of von reproducible germs
Supporting cage
Wire bent component
Supporting frame
cf. supporting cage
Surface filter
Plant for separating dust
Surface filtration
Dust separating at the filter surface
Surface heat tracing
Heating the outside surface of a plant.
Surface resistance
Electrical resistance especially in case of plastic surfaces.
Suspended matters filter box
Duct filter with integrated HEPA cassette.

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