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Improved dedusting

Filter plants often are the bottleneck in a production process. Downtimes during conveying, sieving, packing, conditioning and so on can be caused by improper filter plants. Infastaub, specialist for filter units up to 20,000 m3/h volume flow, reacts with two new filter units on requirements encountered in actual practice of dedusting.

Improved materials and constructions are of great advantage regarding safety technology, availabilty and maintenance intensity for operators.

The stand-alone IPF of the Infa-Jetron family is characterised by minimum space requirement. The basic unit only needs about 1 m² footprint. The filter cartridges are changed from the raw gas side in order to save construction height. Access to the filter cartridges is realised through a big door at the front side. A special clamping system is an innovation and allows a change of filter media almost without tools. Just like all Infa-Jetron filters, the pressure tank is mounted inside the clean gas chamber and therefore noise is reduced. The diaphragms of the cleaning valves of the new IPF can be changed via a revision opening.

The optional secondary filter stage in dust class H 13 ensures a residual dust content of 0.001 mg/m3. Also a subsequent upgrade of the secondary filter stage is easily possible because of the modular design.

According to the technical rules of guideline DIN EN 14460 for pressure resistant and explosion pressure shock resistant plants, the new IPV of the Infa-Vario-Jet family removes occuring explosive dusts safely and effectively. The expolsion pressure shock resistance of the strengthened housing made of stainless steel is 2.0 barg.

The top filter can be used for direct dedusting at production plants or lines as well as on silos and tanks. The dedusters are available in two performance levels. They can be equipped either with filter cartridges or filter bags.

As standard the filter surface of filter cartridges amounts to 22 or 31 m2, filter bags have 5 or 7 m2. cleaning of the filter media is carried out automatically by jet-pulse cleaning. Also a FDA compliant respectively a food-safe design is included in the new filter program. 

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