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Press releases

Easy change of new filter cartridges

Pocket filter with sintered membrane filter elements

„Minion“ or super mini filter?

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Cassette filter with certified safety - First certification OHSAS 18001 - Cheque handover sport sponsoring - Infastaub on facebook

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Dustfree silo filling

Optimised operating of a cassette filter

Background knowledge for dedusting technology

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Cassette filter INFA-MICRON with manifold innovations

Silo filter INFA-JETRON AJP now available in stainless steel

INFA-Lamellen-Jet AJL with new...

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Infastaub has opened on January 1st a sales office in France. The filter plant manufacturer gets a direc.access to the French market by this

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The export into the Eurasian federation, which is a customs union of Russia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan, is impeded by lots of bureaucratic obstacles....

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