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Make a small contribution to help

Each year we need 100 different brushes and sweepers - from hand brush to paintbrushes. They could be purchased cheaply from lower-cost producers. An alternative to these are brush products from a workshop for the blind.

In a workshop for the blind work - as the name already suggests - blind people. As it is well known, they have less chances on the „normal“ job market, find significantly harder a qualified job training, are limited deployable and often can perform less in a quantitative matter. But in these workshops, blind can get a job, even though this is only a secondbest solution. It would we much better to include people with a handicap or blind people in the „normal“ job market. As commercial companies, the workshops need to place their products and services on the market profitably, because governmental support is becoming less and less.

Since decades already Infastaub sources the yearly need of brushes from approved workshops for blind people. „We can‘t change the conditions, but at least we can make a small contribution to help some persons concerned and secure their job“, says Klaus Feisel, Head of stock management .

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