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Contaminated waste material arising from chemical processes, like for example catalysts containing heavy metals resulting from oil production, will be...

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From November 7th to November 8th, 2018, trade fair visitors didn‘t visit the „Schüttgut“ in Dortmund anymore, but the „Solids“. Also Infastaub was...

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Within the context of the 50th anniversary of Infastaub, the soccer table was now donated to the youth centre „Oberste Gärten“.

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The aspiration to comply with customer demands is Infastaub‘s philosophy. According th that the Infastaub technicians developped a new model,...

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The traditional running event „Bad Homburg runs after work“, which always is in september, was again a target date for running enthusiasts of...

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A hand-held fire extinguisher should be used as soon as fume arises or small flames break out to a big fire. That‘s why the correct use and proper...

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Jens Jauckus, Sales office East

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